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Wing Calculator (area or minimium speed)

For information how to use this page go to Wing Calculator Help.


Wing Calculator

Wing Calculator

Enter Aircraft Weight: lbs    
(Airport) Altitude ft    
Minimium Speed mph    

Trailing Edge Devices Hinged Flaps (CLmax = 1.8)  
  Slotted Flaps (CLmax = 2.3)  
  Double Slotted Flaps (CLmax = 2.5)  
  No Flaps (CLmax = 1.3)
Cost Penalty:
Leading Edge Devices Leading Edge Slats (20% more CLmax)  
  Leading Edge Slots (10% more CLmax)  
  No Leading Edge Devices (use CLmax)
Cost Penalty:


Minimium Wing Area ft^2 Minimium Wing Area m^2
Wing CLmax Air Density slugs/ft^3
Weight kg Total Cost Penalty %
Speed kts Speed km/h
Speed m/s Speed ft/s
  (Version 21.02.2009 Exo, default values are for Piper Cherokee)

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